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Gourmet treats for dogs, hand-made in Devon

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Antos Yak Snack (Medium & Large) – Best Before 30/6/2024

Medium was £5.50, now £3.50
Large was £10, now £6

We have a limited number of Yak Snacks that are nearing their Best Before Date. Here is your chance to try Yak Snacks at a reduced price. Find them in the Natural Hard Chews category.

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Klassy Canine Bakery’s Story

Why we started

In 1998 we adopted Bob, a one-year old Australian Shepherd, who displayed separation anxiety and chewed the furniture every time we left her alone in the house. Because the chewing generally happened within the first few minutes of us leaving, we needed a distraction for this time and, if she had been good, a reward on our return. Thus, we made our own dog treats using only human-quality ingredients without preservatives and additives; some were gently spiced with cinnamon, others sweetened with honey or fruit. We left the treats in a variety of places for her to find in our absence and this worked very well to take her mind off our departure. In no time, Bob stopped chewing the furniture and settled on finding ways to open the cupboard where we kept her special treats. Since then, all of our dogs, Klassy, Shep, Lupin and Lottie, have enjoyed a growing range of handmade biscuits.

Our Mission

We aim to satis-fido!

In 2007, we opened Klassy Canine Bakery, with an aim to satis-fido! We retain our original criteria of using only human-quality ingredients with no added salt, sugar, additives, artificial colours and flavourings. Because the biscuits are double baked, they are preservative-free and have a 5-6 month shelf-life. We use a home bakery and are regularly inspected by APHA (DEFRA) and Trading Standards. Our treats are tested regularly by an independent UKAS-approved laboratory to ensure that they are safe for both you & your pets.

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Kitty Corner

Kitty Corner

Explore our kitty corner range

We have a wide range of tasty treats for adult cats. Shop now and explore the collection.

Fleece Leads & Tugs

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These leads are ideal for those dogs who like to get their lead in their mouth for a good game of tug, whilst queuing in agility.