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We have been making treats for our own dogs since 1998.

"Bob, Shep and Klassy"

Why we started

It all started with Bob, a one-year old Australian Shepherd, who we rescued from an animal shelter on New Years Eve 1997. While we were away from the house, Bob displayed classic separation anxiety with general destructive behaviour. To tackle this, we made the most delicious dog treats that were used to distract her when we left the house and to reward her good behaviour on our return. We knew that we were on to a good thing when Bob stopped chewing the furniture and distributing the contents of the rubbish bin around the house and settled on finding ways to open the cupboard in which we kept her special muffins. Being flavoured with honey and cinnamon, who could blame Bob for being a monkey and finding ways to get them? Upon returning home, Bob would guide us through the house on our inspection and, if she had been good, she would earn her Bee Good Cookie.

With her separation anxiety under control, Bob began to excel at more constructive activities. She became a certified therapy dog, visiting nursing homes, bringing much joy to the staff and the residents. She also competed in many agility trials. Her adopted siblings, Klassy and Shep, joined her as chief tasting officers to ensure that we maintained the highest standards. Sadly, Bob, Klassy and Shep, our American pack, are no longer with us. Klassy was a gentle soul who loved everyone and everything. She was a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International in the United States, and Pets As Therapy in Devon. She was also a certified R.E.A.D.® dog, who helped young children in Louisiana with their reading. Shep displayed great skills when it came to chasing things, but always came running back for one of his Training Treats.
Our current pack are both rescues from Four Paws Animal Rescue in South Wales, and are doing an excellent job of quality control. Lupin enjoys his treats as a reward during trick training, and just before bedtime. Lottie enjoys her treats during her agility training.
Liver Cake

Delicious Doggy Treats

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