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Fleece Mohican Hat

Our fleece hats are very popular with dog owners as they have three fleece layers covering your ears. This style of hat has the top strips of fleece tied to resemble a mohican. This hat is also available with the fleece tied to resemble a bobble hat.

It is made from 100% polyester fleece and comes in a wide range of plain and patterned fleece colours. Please indicate desired colour in order comments and we will let you know availability.

Plain colours that we usually have in stock include: Black, Navy Blue, Red, Hot Pink,

Patterned fleece that we usually have in stock includes: Pink Sheep, Hot Pink Sheep, Red Sheep, Olive Sheep, Yellow with Purple Paws, Harlequin (mid weight fleece with diamonds of a variety of bright colours).

Wash at 30 degrees or less, and line- or radiator-dry.  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.