Dog Games Perfect Fit 15 Harnesses

Perfect Fit 15 Base Size 8 (XXS front with XS girth all in one)

This Size 8 BASE is a XXS Front Piece (with no adjusters for a slightly smaller neck hole) sewn together with a XS Girth Piece for 15mm Perfect Fit Harness BASE.

The girth is 37 - 49 cm when used with a XXS Top, or 39 - 51 cm with an XS Top.

This Base has a similar neck hole in size to a XXS front. There is no adjustment around the neck, just around the girth.

To make a complete harness you also need to buy a Top Piece - they must all have 15mm Clips.

Lottie enjoys her Perfect Fit Size 8 Base at agility shows when she is lying in her crate. She usually wears an XXS Front and XS Girth when she is out and about on her walks in Devon.