Dog Games Perfect Fit 15 Harnesses

Perfect Fit 15 Base Size 12 (XS Front & M Girth all in one)

This Size 12 BASE is a XS Front Piece sewn together with a M Girth Piece for 15mm Perfect Fit Harness BASE.

The girth is -
48 - 61 cm when used with a XXS Top,
or 50 - 63 cm with an XS Top.

This is the longest Base in the 15mm Range and is particularly suitable for Dachshunds, who are so low to the ground but with great depth from neck to girth. It also has the largest neck in the 15mm Bases.
It is adjustable at both the neck and the girth.

To make a complete harness you also need to buy a Top Piece - they must all have 15mm Clips.