Fleece Leads & Tugs

Braid Lead - Fine diamond

Our braided fleece lead with fine scoobie diamond braid with 13mm (small/medium) trigger hook. The lead is approximately 81cm long, including a 12cm handle, and is 1cm in diameter.

These leads are ideal for those dogs who like to get their lead in their mouth for a good game of tug, whilst queuing in agility. They are not recommended for dogs that like to chew on their lead.

Please note that although our leads are made to high standards, they should not be used for general dog walking and are designed for use in a training/competition environment. 

Made with 100% polyester fleece. Can be washed at temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade or less. A sock on the clip is recommended to reduce noise and damage to your washing machine.

If you would like specific colours, please let us know in the order comments box. Thanks!