Training Treats

Ox Liver Cake (24 pack).

Many people at agility and obedience shows have been asking for something soft and tempting to use when training their dog(s). We have perfected our liver cake for just such occasions. Each cake is baked in a mince pie tin and is easy to tear into small pieces for rewarding good behaviour. Dogs go crazy for the smell of these meaty treats and will work extra hard to earn this delicious reward.

We bake our liver cakes in the morning, and refrigerate them. In the afternoon we vacuum pack the cold treats, and keep the vac-packs in the fridge until we pop them in a Jiffy bag to catch the last First Class post of the day! Because these treats are not previously frozen you can store the packs in your refrigerator for use within 3-7 days, or freeze for longer term storage. Prior to freezing, we recommend that the treats are separated into the desired portion size.

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Beef liver, Plain flour, Fresh garlic 


Each liver cake measures 5cm in diameter at its widest point. Each pack contains 24 liver cakes sealed under vacuum in a single compartment. Upon arrival these treats should be stored in a refrigerator and used within a week, or frozen for longer term storage.

Shep enjoyed his liver cakes at agility training, and managed to make one cake last all evening!


Analytical constituents: Protein 17%, Fat content 3.4%, Crude fibre 4.7%, Incinerated residue 1.2%

Additives: none

550 g